Janet Singer Applefield

Uncle Henryk
d. age 22

Uncle Józef

d. age 35

Me and my Dog, 1938.

Grandmother Helena

d. age 62

Teaching Young Adults Tolerance

Aunt Salomea
and Cousin Anna

d. age 21 and 5

My Mother, d. 1943.  Age. 33.

For more than 40 years, I've been sharing my experience as a hidden child during the Holocaust. When the Third Reich attacked Poland in 1939, my entire family scattered. My parents gave me away and I passed from one person to the next, at every turn exposed to danger.  I was finally kept by a family on a farm for nearly 2 years. Without the selfless actions of a few people, I would very likely not be alive today.

When I speak to students, teachers, and parents all across the world, I stress the imperative of standing up to discrimination and cruelty – precisely what that family did for me.

I welcome a visit to speak with your class or group.