Janet Singer Applefield

1998 - TO COME.

2001 - TO COME.

2005 - TO COME.

2011 - TO COME


Helping students learn tolerance, understanding, and courage through hearing and discussing y own story of survival. 



My book and film treatment are in progress.  Stay tuned!

Teaching Young Adults Tolerance


To come....

Janet Singer Applefield earned her Masters of Social Work at Boston University.  As a Clinical Social Worker, she has counseled a wide variety of patients – from juvenile offenders convicted of hate crimes to geriatric populations.  She currently provides psychotherapy and behavioral management services to patients at nursing homes.

In addition to her public speaking engagements, she is writing a memoir and making a documentary film chronicling her experiences as a child survivor of the Holocaust.

Janet has three children and five grandchildren.  She lives in a town outside of Boston, Massachusetts.